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State of Texas vs. H. G.

The defendant, in this case, was a hardworking person who had fallen on some bad luck. His wife had recently left, and he had wrecked his only vehicle. The defendant knew a local man in town was selling a vehicle nearly identical to the defendant’s vehicle. The defendant bought the man's vehicle for $500.00, and the man provided the defendant with a bill of sale. The man that had the vehicle delivered the vehicle to the defendant’s house since it had to be towed. A few months later, the police came and arrested the defendant for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle because it had been stolen out of Austin, TX, a few months before. The defendant tried to explain to the police, but the police did not want to listen.
Investigation: As soon as the case was assigned to the investigator, the investigator immediately went to the local man that sold the defendant the vehicle. The local man stated that he did sell the vehicle to the defendant, and the vehicle was not stolen. The local man provided the investigator with the name of the person that he purchased the vehicle from. The investigator took this information and found out who the actual person was that stole the vehicle out of Austin, TX.
Outcome: The investigation work, in this case, was provided to the District Attorney to include the real thief information. As a result of a quick response from the defense, the case was DISMISSED!!!

State of Texas vs. H. G.
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