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Defending Sexual Assault Cases-Haywood Sawyer

I often get asked in my work, "How can you investigate cases where people are accused of sexual assaults, especially when the victim is a child?" Many that ask this question still believe that people will not lie about this type of case and that law enforcement will do their job. Both of these thoughts are often untrue, especially the latter.

In nearly all the cases that I have investigated over the past eight years while working for Criminal Defense Teams across the State of Texas, it is always discovered that law enforcement (1) Does not know how to work these cases or (2) Is incompetent and do not complete these cases by gathering crucial evidence, interviewing witnesses, or following up with the victim for additional details. What is even scarier is that in many of these cases, law enforcement does not attempt to reach out to the accused person until they have a warrant for that person's arrest.

On Call Investigative Solutions, LLC Investigators are trained and experienced in working these cases from both the law enforcement and defense sides. When we begin these cases, we start by dissecting the discovery (evidence) in the case. It is crucial early on in the case to audit all discoveries and identify what is missing. We then interview our Defendant (the person accused of the crime) to get the case's back story and determine the witnesses. Unlike most investigators, OCIS Investigators sit down with the Defendant and review each piece of evidence so they are fully aware of the allegations. Did the Detective search a vehicle, house, cellphone, etc? Did the Detective get a search warrant to do this? Did the Detective provide the Defendant with their Miranda Rights? What is the chain of custody for the collected items? Where are items sent to the lab? Where is that chain of custody?

Our investigators provide these questions and a list of the missing discovery to the defense attorney and then follow up with the defense attorney until we get the missing discovery or our questions answered. We continue to fight for your Constitutional Rights and hold the prosecutor and law enforcement to the highest standard; we make sure they do their job.

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