How to determine if a Private Investigator is legitimate

Imagine hiring an individual to investigate a case for you, only to learn that this individual is not licensed in the State of Texas. How do you determine if an individual has a private investigator’s license? In Texas, every private investigator has to be licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Security Board. Private investigation agencies are also required to carry insurance for the business, and each investigator is required to have a license if they are performing investigation duties. Each private investigation company is issued a license number (our license number is A19977.)

So how do you know if the person you are talking to is legit? Before hiring a private investigator, I encourage you to go to the TXDPS website and check to see if the individual has a license. In Texas, it is illegal for an individual to do work “on the side” and not under the agency that their license is under.

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