Private Investigator's Oath


Authored by: Kirk Menard



 As a Licensed Private Investigator:

  • I will maintain the highest value in ethics, morals and integrity;


  • I will be honest and truthful and will fulfill my duties to the highest level of standards and competence in executing my duties as a licensed private investigator;


  • I will represent my clients to the best of my ability and will always protect their best interests;


  • I will maintain the highest regard for my client’s confidentiality;


  • I will seek out the truth, obtain the facts, and present them in a professional manner;


  • I will use sound decision-making and judgment in representing my clients;


  • I will not misrepresent myself or my trade. My license is my shield of honor;


  • I will protect the innocent and will seek the truth for those that cannot seek the truth for themselves;


  • I will raise my hand in a Court of Law and swear to tell the truth, so help me God;


  • I will not break my Oath, not through pressure, oppression, or tyranny;


  • I promise to obey the tenets of oath at all times and shall not violate any state or federal law in doing so;


  • I will protect and abide by the United States Constitution and ensure that the rights of my clients are secured under all laws of this Great Nation.




Copyright 2009 by Kirk R. Menard

 All Rights Reserved