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State of Texas vs. E. G.

The defendant was lying in his bed sound asleep when his window shatters in his bedroom suddenly. The defendant wakes up suddenly and goes to investigate the cause of the window being broken. The defendant carried a baseball bat with him for his protection as he searched the residence. His ex-girlfriend and her male friends suddenly attack the defendant. The defendant fights the subjects off and takes off running to prevent them from being further attacked. The ex-girlfriend calls the police, and the police arrest the defendant because of his criminal history and the allegations that the others had put on him. The defendant sat in jail and refused any plea-offer that the District Attorney offered.
Investigation: There were several people interviewed in this case to include neighbors, witnesses, the ex-girlfriend, and her friends. It was uncovered that the defendant was only trying to protect himself.
Outcome: The attorney was super aggressive with the evidence uncovered, and it was presented to the Assistant District Attorney. After reviewing the evidence that the Criminal Defense Investigator uncovered, the case was DISMISSED!!!

State of Texas vs. E. G.
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