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State of Texas vs. J. F.

The defendant had everything going for him. He was a hard worker, had a beautiful home, nice vehicles, and a loving family. He had all of this until one night, he was taking care of his grandchildren, and a tragedy happened. As he was preparing dinner for the children, one of the grandchildren drowned in a bathtub. When the defendant found the child, he immediately summons for medical assistance. The police, fire, and medical personnel arrived. The medical personnel took the child to the hospital, and the police took the defendant to the police department to be interviewed. After the police completed their investigation, they requested a warrant to be issued for the defendant. The defendant was later released and jailed on a manslaughter charge.
Investigation: The investigator assigned to the case interviewed several people involved to include people that the police failed to interview. The investigator walked through the crime scene and took several photographs that would of be used in the trial to show the jury the truth. As a result of a thorough investigation, another young child had left the water in the bathtub, and this was an accident, not Manslaughter.
Outcome: The investigator provided all the information to the District Attorney, and the District Attorney decided to DISMISS the case.

State of Texas vs. J. F.
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