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State of Texas vs. T. A.

The defendant is a single parent who went home after working several hours at their job. The defendant and a child went to sleep in the one-bedroom apartment. As the defendant slept, the child woke up and unlocked three locks on three different doors. The young child went outside, and the neighbors called the police after seeing the young child outside by herself.
Investigation: On Call Investigative Solutions, LLC was hired about a year after the offense had occurred. The investigators located witnesses in the case and uncovered issues with the arresting officer. During the investigation, it was learned that the young child had unlocked doors in front of Child Protective Services (CPS) and daycare employees. The CPS worker was spoken to by the investigators, who could not believe that they would have arrested the defendant for this. The investigation proved that the defendant was not guilty of the charge, but instead, this was an accident that could happen to any parent.
Outcome: The Defense Attorney and the investigator provided all the information we had to the Assistant District Attorney. After nearly two years and a new Assistant District Attorney, the case was DISMISSED!!

State of Texas vs. T. A.
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