On Call Investigative Solutions, LLC was started in May of 2015. Haywood had left law enforcement after having worked as a detective for numerous years. Sitting at a table in a two bedroom duplex, Haywood and Daniela came up with the idea of starting a Private Investigation Company in Waco, Texas. At the time there was a handful of Private Investigation companies in Waco, Texas, but Haywood and Daniela knew that they could bring experience and dedication to Criminal Defense Teams that was unlike anything that had been seen in the area.

After receiving the company license from the State of Texas, Haywood set out in his old pickup truck with a box of business cards and brochures. He went to many law firms within Waco and traded business cards with attorneys and explained to each one the benefits of having a trained investigator on the defense teams. Many attorneys said that they had never used a private investigator but was willing to try it out.

In October, 2015, Daniela left her job in law enforcement to join Haywood with the increasing case load. The company continued to grow and by December, 2020, On Call Investigative Solutions, LLC had a third investigator and a paralegal. On Call Investigative Solutions, LLC was expanded their market to cover 8 different counties.