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The Need for Criminal Defense Investigators

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

What is a Criminal Defense Investigator, and why are they necessary in a criminal case? A Criminal Defense Investigator is an investigator that works with criminal defense attorneys on criminal cases. A Criminal Defense Investigator is a valuable asset to any defense team because we interview incident witnesses, character witnesses, interview the defendant, and other people identified in the case. Criminal Defense Investigators review all the evidence (discovery) in the case and then develop a strategy to help the defendant get the best results.

The benefits of a Criminal Defense Investigator to a law firm is countless. We do the groundwork, prepare our trial binders, and locate hard to find witnesses. The law firm's benefit is quality cases, fewer expenses incurred by the firm, time saved for the attorney, and less likely to get a grievance because something was missed. The law firm's staff will be freed up to do other tasks because parties to the case will call our office, and we will filter the information to the attorney.

The benefit to the defendants is that you can rest assured our investigators will work your case to the end and work with you through the process. As a Criminal Defense Investigator, our job is not to get people off that are guilty. Our job is to get to the truth and make sure your rights were not violated during the process.

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